Best single cup coffee maker 2015: Keurig K75 Review

Best single cup coffee maker 2015: Keurig K75 Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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Rating: 4.0/5 (3 votes cast)

We decided to do a thorough investigation of all single cup coffee makers out there to find the best one. The winner? Hands down, it was the Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System. It’s versatile, simple to use and it comes in at a very decent price point. For those of you looking for a well performing single-serve K-cup coffee maker, you’ve come to the right place. Striking that perfect balance between cost and getting your money’s worth, it gets the job done just right. Keep reading for our full Keurig K75 Review.


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The thing we really love about this Keurig is that it's not just a coffee maker. It may be labeled as one, but it can also do teas, cocoas and a selection of cold beverages. It's ideal for anyone, basically. In fact, it’s so versatile that even non-coffee lovers will use this on a daily basis. It comes with a bunch of different features that make it worth its list price. Many people have commented on how it is one of the best coffee (and non-coffee) makers that they have ever owned. Let's give you a brief overview below.

K75: Super Easy to Use

It's child's play, seriously. The LCD panel and one-touch controls can be used by anyone. Even if you're a technophobe, this coffee maker isn't going to give you any problems. The Keurig K75 manual is really concise and well-written, just in case you need a little guidance.

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Patented K-Cups

The K-Cups make it extremely simple to get the machine up and running. Just pop it into the K75, hit the brew button and wait for a little while as the hot water is dispensed and you'll have the perfect cup waiting for you.

What’s best is that Keurig have really stepped up their game with the K75 Platinum system, offering 5 different cup sizes. This is a nice improvement from the 2 cup sizes offered by the original Elite system and the 3 cup sizes offered by the later K45 model. That means you can make small 4 oz cup, or go ahead and make yourself a 12 oz travel mug, and plenty in-between. When we compare this machine to the Keurig K45 review, you know you’ve moved a big step up.

Users beware, not all K-cups will make the bigger cup sizes, so be careful when selecting the size on brewing. You want to choose the right one for the K-cup in use, otherwise you will just end up with a weak and watery cup of disappointment. This is particularly the case when using milder K-cup flavors. If your K-cup of choice doesn’t work well as a big serving, simply use to K-cups and brew 2 smaller sizes into a larger mug.

Handy Water Reservoir

This is actually a very useful feature and has to be our favorite one. The K75 comes with a 72 oz tank, just think of all the cups you can brew with that amount of water. It gives you hot water whenever you need it and we often use it for cooking as well!

It is more efficient and delivers the water much more quickly than a kettle; so, if you're in a hurry to get your dinner up and running, the K75 will give you hot water on demand. It's piping hot as well, which is great. Other coffee makers just don't give you the right temperature that you want, really affecting the taste of a coffee in our opinion.

You are in control of the temperature, so you can set it to the default of your choice. If you’re not the only one enjoying the many uses of the K75, then you can vary the temperature for every use. That means that everyone can enjoy their brew to suit their taste.

Excellent Add-Ons

Keurig have really invested in this product for the long-haul and the available extras reflect this strategy. You can buy a 35-piece variety pack, a reusable mug that fits perfectly into the slot, a stylish storage drawer for all the K-cups, as well as a carousel for all your coffee. All of these items are of excellent quality, just like the coffee machine itself. The 35-piece pack gives you thirty-five different flavors, so you'll never get bored. There's something there for every single taste bud!


Of course, if that’s not enough, you can get plenty of other K-cup varieties out there that will fit this model. With the patent on K-cups having run out, you can now find lots of other sizes and varieties at your local supermarket. You can even get store brand varieties, which might be cheaper, but likely of lesser quality.

Looks Amazing

Not exactly the be all and end all, but it's always nice when a product looks the part as well. Keurig's designers have made sure that this coffee maker will fit on any modern countertop, making it available in 3 colors and designs. You can get this lovely little machine in silver, black or brown, the choice is yours depending on what you think would look best on your kitchen counter.

One of the most noticeable features is the blue LCD light, which lights up the control panel and water reservoir. It’s got a handy clock on the control panel, which adds a nice, modern touch. It's a beautiful piece, that's for sure. It just oozes quality. Some expensive models can have that cheap 'plastic' look and feel, not so with the Keurig.

Ready When You Want It

The useful LCD clock does more than just help the K75 look nicer than some of its older models, such as the K45. This added function allows you to set the Keurig to turn itself on at a time of your choice. Set it just before your alarm goes off and wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It’s every coffee lovers dream! Use this nifty feature to tell your machine to turn itself off as well and avoid wasting energy.

Simple Maintenance

The great thing about Keurig is that they think about the user’s full experience. It’s not just about making the brewing process simple, but you also need to think about cleaning and maintenance. As with other models, the Keurig K75 Platinum is super easy to clean.

All you have to do is set it to run a cycle of water, without including the K-cup. Once that’s complete, you simply give the removable drip tray a rinse and you are good to go. You can refer to the user manual for full instructions. Lost your copy? No problem, you can find an online copy here.

Home Owner Repair also offers this useful how to video on running a cycle of water through the machine:

The Keurig K75 manual also recommends performing a descaling cycle every few months. You should do this periodically, even if the cleaning indicator is not on. Descaling is simple to do, all you need is to fill the reservoir with vinegar and set it to do a full cycle. Simply wait until all the vinegar has been used up and you’re done. As the vinegar works its way through the machine’s mechanisms, it will remove any calcium or other corroding deposits from the interior. Just make sure you run a water cycle through it a few times to get rid of the vinegar taste.

Maintaining it will help to prolong its lifespan, so it’s worth putting in that little bit of extra effort to keep it nice and clean. The good thing is that you only need to do the descaling cycle every 3 months, and giving it a rinse is quick and simple, so you don’t really have an excuse to avoid it. Keurig products come with a 1 year guarantee, but it will easily outlast that, especially with a little maintenance.

What About The Prime Error?

Some users have complained about their PRIME light coming on when it shouldn’t. People have complained that this should not be happening with a new machine, as there should be no cleaning issues at this early stage. If you refer to the Keurig K75 manual you will notice that when this light comes on it asks you to remove the water reservoir and fill it and replace it.

Since most users are experiencing this with a new machine, we can understand the frustration at thinking this must be down to some sort of machine error. This is especially true if you have recently filled it up with water, so that water levels are not yet low enough to need replacing. If you do a quick search you will find plenty of useful tips on how to deal with this so-called “error”.

When you fill the reservoir up take care and fill it slowly so as not to create too many bubbles. You should also be using warm, rather than cold, water. So, don’t worry about the dreaded PRIME error and just take care when filling up the reservoir with fresh water. This should avoid any issues, so you can enjoy your machine without a hitch.

Overflowing with Positive Customer Reviews

Don't believe us or need extra feedback? Just check out the abundant positive reviews from Amazon customers. There are 826 (last time we checked) full 5-star reviews on the site and we're sure that if you buy it, it will be 827 soon. The product is just an all-round amazing product, it's almost impossible not to like it. This may seem like a ridiculously positive review, but we're not exaggerating. Just go to Amazon and see what everyone else thinks!

Still not convinced? We, and the good people at Amazon, aren’t the only ones raving about this product. Check out what Programming Platform has to say about the K75:

The Keurig K65 vs K75

If you were wondering whether or not it’s worth upgrading from the K65 to the K75 model, then we are here to offer you some useful guidance. Let’s do a quick Keurig K65 review to see what the differences are between the two models.


The K65 model is programmable, so you can still set the temperature, clock and on/off times. However, unlike the K75, you only have 3 cup sizes and a 60 oz water reservoir. Essentially, the K75 just gives you more options and more brewing capacity.

It also offers you more colors to choose from, as the K65 only comes in Midnight Black. While this may not be a big deal to most people, it’s nice to have additional options, especially if you have other appliances of different colors in your kitchen. You might not want to always stick to black.

All in all it’s definitely a step up, and since you’re looking at such a small price difference, we would say it is worth opting for the newer model. It has everything you need to keep you, and everyone else in your family, happy as can be.

Our Keurig K75 Verdict

If you're looking for the best single cup coffee maker of 2015, you've found it. It's an amazing little machine that looks great and delivers every single time. It's so easy to use that you have no excuse not to make yourself a proper cup of coffee, or hot chocolate if you fancy it. Stay away from the instant stuff and give yourself a great start to your day with the Keurig K75. We're pretty sure you're going to love this one.

So how much will this excellent single cup coffee maker cost you? The Keurig can be had for $179.99, so it's not exactly cheap. often run promotions, however, and you should be able to shave off at least a couple of dollars from the list price. We also like the fact that this online retailer gives you free shipping, saving you a little in the process.

Click here to purchase this product on Amazon.

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